Cooperation of Ruma and Bersenbruck - German experience for a better environment protection

20. јануар 2017.

The president of the municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić and the head of the Department for Local Economic Development, Dragan Kosanović Stayed in the German town Gelsenkirchen, where they attended the worksop related to the project ,,Municipal Partnership for Sustainability”

Trustees from the European Union and from the partnerships of towns as well as the representatives of more than 30 local self governments from Germany, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were also present at the workshop.

The professional seminar was organized by The Service Company for the bodies of the local self government (SKEW , Engagement Global) that works pursuant to orders of the German Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development.

The significant segment of the functioning of The Service Company for the bodies of the local self government are global sustainable local self governments and their partnerships. Agenda 2030 that includes raising awareness of the German and partner units of the local self governments has been created, and this agenda stipulates the goals for the sustainable development. The objective of the workshop was to make political and administrative acters of the local self government aware of the goals for strategic sustainability as well as to enhance the strategic partnerships. The representatives of the local self governments attended the educational programmes so as to define needs, identify prioritis , exchange experiences, improve knowlegde and make a network of acters from different local communities.


Ruma and Bersenbruck sign the Memorandum on Understanding

17 January, 2017.

The Memorandum on Understanding was signed yesterday between the president of the municipality of Ruma, Sladjan Mančić, that leads the representatives of Ruma on the project forum ,, Municipal Partnership for Sustainability", the mayor of Bersenbruck dr Horst Bayer,and dr Stefan Wilhelmi, the manager of the Service company for the bodies of the local self government (SKEW , Engagement Global).

The Memorandum stipulates goals and the colaboration between the two local governmental units within the sphere of the sustainable development.

As a result of mutual efforts, the Memorandum also closely describes means of implementation of measures and future development of municipal partnership between Bersenbruck and Ruma, as well as obligations of both municipalities supported by SKEW.

Today, the representatives of the municipality of Ruma continue their work through instructional and advisory workshops of the project ,,Municipal Partnership for Sustainability".

Investment potentials of Ruma presented at Gelsenkirchen Forum

16. January, 2017.

Representatives of the municipality of Ruma, together with the president of the municipality Sladjan Mančić, payed a working visit to Germany. They are attending the Forum wiithin ,,Municipal Partnership for Sustainability", where our municipality takes part as a partner of the city of Bersenbruck. Apart from these two towns , there are 11 joint local communities from Germany and Southeast Europe.
The project is conducted by the Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development of Germany, that deals with different approaches for achieving 17 global goals on the local level (good health care, renewable energy, gender equality, reducing disparities, etc...)

The president Mančić has presented today our municipality and has expressed plans and possibilities for its involvement in almost any strategic sphere covered by the project, especially in the sphere of economic development and environmental protection.


Representatives of the Municipality of Ruma visit Germany

16. January, 2017.

The Municipality of Ruma and the town of Bersenbrick shall, in the German town Bersenbruck, sign the Memorandum on Understanding, related to the project ,,Municipal Parrtnership for Sustainability".

The project is conducted by the German Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development , that deals with different approaches for reaching 17 golobal goals of the sustainable development on the local level (Good health care service, renewable energy, gender equality, reducing disparities, etc.).

Ruma and Bersenbruck shall cooperate on the project from the sphere of the environmental potection.

To remind, the two local self governments established cooperation on a number of levels last year, that resulted with a several mutual visits and with initiating the procedure for fraternization ot these two towns.

Binod Chaudhary - one of the richest people on planet visited Ruma: Wai Wai nudles from Ruma shall conquer the European market

28. December, 2016.

Today, at the City House, the president of the Municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić has hosted the Nepalese billionaire Binod Chaudhary, the owner of the renowned company "Chaudhary Group".

After the meeting held at the City House , the head people of the local self government together with the Nepalese delegation visited works on the construction site of the factory for noodles "Cinnovation group"(that operates within the framework of Chaudhary Group),the first Nepalese investment in Europe, that is being built in the working zone "Ruma Junction".

"It is a great honour for us that such a big conglomerate decides to invest in our municipality first. That is the most important praise and the confirmation of the readiness of the local self governmet to be а reliable partner to investors",said the president of the municipality Slađan Mančić, and added also that the official opening of the noodle factory is expected by the end of February , 2017.

"We are extremely satisfied with the dynamics of the works, and the by the end of January we expect to bring works to an end , but what is most important for our municpality is the fact that the first phase of employing people will start at this period. In the first phase the factory shall hire 409 people, and the number of employed should increase up to 1.200, which is something to be proud of. Once again I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Binod and his son Nirvana, whom we not only consider friends, but residents of our municipality as well", said the president Mančić.

As said at today's meeting at the City House, "Chaudhary Group" performes variety of activities and plans to invest in this region in furure too.       

"At this meeting we also considerd further investments in our municipality, but Mr Chaundhary is interested in investing in other parts of Serbia as well. More about this plans will be known tomorrow in the Government of Serbia, where Mr Chaundhary shall meet the Prime minister Aleksandar Vučić.", said the president Mančić.

The noodle factory in Ruma shall be the stone foundation for the future business management of our company on the territory of the whole Europe, said the owner of "Chaudhary Group", Binod Chaundhary.


Building of a new factory starts in Dobrinci - New workplaces and contracts for small agriculturers

15. November, 2016.

Today’s ceremony of laying the foundation stone marked the beginning of construction of the factory for vegetable production and processing.

It is 8 million euros investment of the Italian company "La Linea Verde",and the factory in Dobrinci shall provide work for 150 people.

The foundation stone has been laid by Branislav Ignjatovic,the general director of the company "La Linea Verde", in Serbia, Slađan Mančić, the president of the Municipality of Ruma and Dragan Stevanović, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce. The president of the Municipality of Ruma, Slađan Mančić emphasized that the local self government traces the course of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, that enabled making of the positive climate, the arrival of the investors, as well as opening of new workplaces. "It is important that 150 people from Dobrinci and surrounding villages will be employed , and that pleases us most. However, the importance of this investment reflects in the fact that it shall enable small agricultural households to become partners with this company and to gain revenue through products from greenhouses and in other way. At this moment, Ruma is a huge building site. “Aside the construction of this factory, the building of four production plants is at the advanced stage", said the president Mančić and also added that the Municipality of Ruma does not make a difference between a town and a village, meaning that it equally invests into development of the whole municipality.

The commercial director of "La Linea Verde" the company in Serbia, Đoko Đokić mentions that within the new facility, the production in Dobrinci shall be carried out according to the lastest standards of European Union, applying the cutting edge techologies, giving a completely safe and healthy product.

The factory in Dobinci shall stretch on approximately 5.600 meters square, and it shall produce salads as meals and washed lettuce ready for consumation.


Investors interested in working zones, but in municipality villages as well

26. October, 2016.

Several locations in the municipality of Ruma are under the construction of new production plants. Three factories that will employ a considerable number of people are being build within the working zones, and apart from this, the investors find attractive sites for investing in villages as well.

"The new factory “Hutchinson” shall employ 400 people, while the Nepalese "Cinnovation group" shall engage 409. The newly built production facilities will start with work on February or March, which is also the case with the local investor “Rumekon”, for the purpose of which the production hall is being built within the working zone “Ruma Junction”, said the president Mančić. He added that the local self government is satisfied that the factories are being built in the villages of the municipality as well."That shall enable a certain perspective for life on the village. There is already one successful company Cablex in Platicevo. A farm of shep is under construction in Budjanovci village, and we even plan to build a slaughter house during the next year. An Italian company "La Linea Verde", for fruit and fresh salad processing shall be opened in Dobrinci. The factory shall provide work for 100 people, according to the first man of the Ruma municipality.

"What is more important is that a lots of small agricultural households shall have the oppotrunity to be cooperators of this Italian company, and they will be provided with good conditions for that”. said the president Mančić.

The president of the Ruma municipality expressed his confidence that apart from inhabitants of Dobrinci, all those who live on agriculture in Donji Petrovci, Putinci, Kraljevci and Mali Radinci might be interested in this as well.

The Golden medal awarded to the Rumfest manifestation at the Novi Sad Fair

3. October, 2016.

The International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad took place from 29. September, till 01.October, 2016. and the Tourist organization of Ruma took part in it, within the framework of the Vojvodina stand. The first day of the 49. International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad ended in the best manner for the Tourist organization of Ruma due to the fact that it was awarded the Golden medal of the Novi Sad Fair, for its manifestation Rumfest! The second day of the fair was in a sign of theanniversary of the Tourist organization of Ruma, and it was emphasized that it had been five years since Bara Trskovaca was declared a protected site. Related to this, within the 24. International fair ECO WORLD 2016 (LORIST) on the stand of the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and the Environment Protection, a debate was held within which the Tourist organization of Ruma had its share with the presentation: Protected Habitat Bara Trskovaca-challenges and goals.

Prominent doctors from Serbia and the region held a debate concerning the changes in the educational system of medical workers

29. September, 2016.

A three day seminar of a scientific medical group "Pannonian School for Health Care Improvement" started today at the Cultural Centre Ruma. The main topic of the II Pannonian school is "the change within the educational system of medical workers", and this year's scietific gathering has an international character, due to the fact that beside the prominent professionals from Ruma,Serbia, their colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia were present as well.

A solemn beginning of the "Second Pannonian School for the Health Care Improvement” was magnified due to the presence of prominent people from the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Secretariat for health care, medical universities and other medical institutions.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Borislav Vekić emphasized that this year's topic "Changes within the educational system of medical workers" is extremely important for the whole Ministry of Health and that it might contribute to the decline in the medical staff migration, with the result of retaining the best quality doctors in Serbia.

The State Secretary within the Ministry of Health Ferenc Vicko has praised the concept of the Pannonian School" and pointed out that it enables a direct contact between Ministry of Health and medical worker.



Good cooperation between the Municipality of Ruma and the higher levels of the government

22. September, 2016.

After the Public Call conducted, the Ministry of Commerce brought the decision that 80 milion dinars shall be allocated to 40 local self governments in order to support the preparation of infrastructure projects related to improvement of indusrtial and business zones, chambers of commerce and clusters, as well as for brownfield locations refurbishment and the development of transport and communal infrastructure.

The Municipality of Ruma in the only in the district of Srem that shall be given the appropriate funds, and the president of the Municipality of Ruma Slađan Mančić pointed out the good cooperation with all the levels of the government.  

"We have a great support from the Ministry of Commerce that has even beforeallocated the significant funds to refurbishment of "Ruma junction". What is more, we will be given 100 million RSD from the Government of Serbia for the waste water plant construction ( for Hutchinson factory), and a tender for that shall be announced soon as well.AP Vojvodina appreciates our efforts too. Capital Expenditures Directorate has given us a great offer to finance 50% of the projects relating to reconstruction of the main streets in our municipality, the project worth 150 million RSD. Money we get from the highr levels of the government facilitate the realization of the projects. This significant inflow in the budget of the municipality shall enable new projects, important for raising of the living standard of the inhabitants", said Mančić.

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